Thursday, July 29, 2010

Treasury Thursday

It's that day of the week again. Thursdays have always been good to me I think that's why I picked this day to do my treasury post. I am pretty proud of the treasury I made this week, I've received a lot of compliments on it and I think it is Front page worthy even. I titled it Puzzled by a Dream, after some lyrics to a Belle And Sebastian song that I like.
After last weeks post I discovered two treasuries that I was included in. One is called Orange You Blue by IrisNorwood . Included in this treasury was my Asymmetrical Orange Crochet Flower and Blue Glass Necklace.

Another treasury I was included in is called Great Images from Etsy it was curated by Woodenjewelry and features my Lime Beaded Necklace.

Thanks to both of these talented Jewelry makers for including my items in your collections.

Now on to the treasure hunt....

The first Treasury on my list is called Proud as a Peacock I have always considered the peacock to be one of the most beautiful animals and so is this treasury by Clementinesjewelry .

This next one is so pure- it's almost not even there it was created by CheerstoJuly and the title of it says it all.

Celestial Blue Stellar Geometry was curated by editionbw and shown to me by suzedablooze whose beautiful bracelet was included in it.

VintageNowandThen curated it's a Mod Mod World Love the title. Flower Power!

A Summer Tea Party was made by elineof it has a real soft feminine presence, I absolutely adore this treasury.

Moddiapercakes has been very busy making treasuries with different color inspiration Gray and Yellow , an interesting color combination that works beautifully on these items. Green Apple is stunning I Love this and many of the items in it. Purple Love is probably my favorite because purple is my favorite color, and Scarlet Fever has a rich romantic yet almost sinister feel to it.

I hope you enjoy looking at my picks for this week, hope you'll come back and see what I've got for you next week, until then HAPPY TREASURE HUNTING!

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