Sunday, July 11, 2010

Analytics Experiement

As a seller on etsy I am always trying to improve. From photos, to the items themselves, from marketing to bounce rates. I was in the forums a while ago and some one suggested that I rearrange my shop because she liked the second page a lot more than the first. I of course did this many times but I was never really quite happy and was unsure of how I should arrange the items.
Today an idea occurred to me while looking at my stats on craftcult I should arrange my shop in the order of items that people like the most. My logic being that the more popular items should grab a persons attention on the first page and keep them looking throughout the other pages. Makes sense right?
If you have never used craftcult before it is very simple. You just type in your shop name, the site will access your analytics and voila you can see how many people are coming to your shop (updated as often as you choose,) item hearts, shop hearts, if you have been featured on etsy, yadda yadda yadda.

I used the ITEM HEARTS tab to see my view per heart ratio. I wrote each one down(except the 0's) and then I just numbered them in order of least to most views per heart. I decided to keep my three newest items at the top of the page to give them a chance to be seen before being ranked amongst the others.

To rearrange my shop I went to my etsy clicked on appearance and clicked at the very bottom where it says Enabled (your store's visitors will see the custom sort option by default) save changes and then view your shop. Right under the featured items is a link to rearrange your shop. It is very easy to use and took very little time to sort the items using the list I came up with earlier.

After I went through my list there were several items left to sort. The ones with no hearts :( I am still not sure I like what I came up with here but it is okay for now. I put items that were alike together not really in any particular order I may go back and do that part over.

I will be watching my bounce rates carefully and let you all know if this has helped at all.


Sunday Girl said...

Thanks for posting this, I might have to give it a try.

Robyneque Jewelry Designs said...

You got it. I'll be checking my bounce rate in a few minutes.

Robyneque Jewelry Designs said...

my bounce rate has gone down by 4 so far I wonder if it's because of this?

Robyneque Jewelry Designs said...

down by 5% in 2 days.

Robyneque Jewelry Designs said...

I have now linked my items to other items or sections in my shop. so that may have an effect on my bounce rate as well.