Saturday, August 28, 2010

Choosing a fabric

I have been sitting on this project for a while now because I can't make up my mind which fabric to use on the inside of this paisley decoupaged box. So readers perhaps a little insight from you will help me decide.
The first option is a beautiful chocolate brown. I love the way it compliments the paisley on the exterior, but am worried it may be a little too thin, and I don't have enough of it to double up.

The second fabric is a vibrant blue. It provides a beautiful contrast to the exterior. The fabric is a bit stretchy so may be difficult to work with.
I think I am leaning more towards the blue but would love some help in deciding.

Etsy-Versary Giveaway!!

This month will mark my one year anniversary having my shop on etsy. To celebrate the occasion I am hosting a great giveaway! One lucky winner will get a $20 Robynesque shopping spree!
My etsy shop is full of unique handmade costume jewelry, with a wide variety of styles there is sure to be something for everyone. Get that Christmas shopping started early or even get yourself something special!

Starting on September 1st at 12 am EST and ending on September 22nd at 12 midnight EST. (Or until I've reached 10,000 entries.)
You will have 3 weeks to enter and tell all of your friends about this exciting giveaway!

How To Enter

1-The first and only mandatory way to enter is to become a fan of Robynesque by liking me on face book . Once you have done that comment "I'm a fan" below with your first and last name. (If your face book name is different make sure you add that too so I can verify your entry properly.)

You may complete each of the following tasks for one additional entry for each task completed. Please comment in a separate post for each task.

2- The second way to enter is to follow this blog and comment below with your full name and your favorite item from my shop.

3- The third way to enter is to follow me on twitter and re-tweet my giveaway to all of your followers. I will be tweeting my giveaway daily to make it easy to find. When you have done this comment below with your full name your twitter name, and "tweet"

4- The fourth way to enter is to promote my giveaway on your own blog. Blog post must have a link to this blog post and a link to my etsy shop. Comment below with full name, "blog" and the link to your blog post.

Although there are 4 ways to enter I will only accept 3 entries per person. Your entries will only count if you do the first mandatory entry and once they have been verified. This contest is open to residents of US and Canada ages 18 and up.

The drawing for a winner will be held on September 26th, 2010. My etsy-versary!
Winner will be chosen fairly and randomly using 's list randomizer. Winner will be announced on the following day here on my blog, my twitter page and my face book page. I will be contacting the winner through face book. They will have 1 week to acknowledge their prize. If they do not acknowledge their prize in the given week the $20 shopping spree will be forfeited to the runners up. Who will then have 1 week to acknowledge the prize, and so on and so forth.

Good Luck!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Treasure Hunting

I have decided to change my normal treasury Thursday post to a Treasure hunting post hopefully once a week. I simply can not always find the time for blogging on a certain day of the week. That being said I hope you enjoy this weeks collections.

This week my treasury is a tribute to those who have hearted my etsy shop I titled it They Really Like Me. I have been included in 3 really great treasuries this week.

The first was curated by BlueIrisJewelry who is having a summer sale on their beautiful classic beaded jewelry. The treasury is called when autumn leaves begin to fall and it includes my glass leaf earrings along with other beautiful leaf items.

The second is titled Autumn Shades by Relydesign.
She makes a wide variety of creative items from paper. If you've never seen her shop you should really take the time to check it out.

The third treasury I have been included in was curated by DEMET who makes beautiful crochet items. It is called PINK, volume 3. I love the soft feminine look of all the items included.

Thank you all for including me in your wonderful treasuries!

CWFessler brings us Adventures from the etsyville sea with this wonderful nautical/moby dick inspired treasury titled Code Name: Ahab.

French Navy is a perfectly curated collection of beautiful blue etsy items. It was curated by BessGeorgette.

veterok brings us Roots a treasury filled with earthy delight.

Enjoy the Walk is an adorable collection of items curated by PilliPillihandmade.

I hope you all enjoy browsing these wonderful treasuries. You never know you may just find your next treasure.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My new project

I have been working on a new project for about a week now. Something I've never done before but have found to be very fun and exciting and hard to put down. (Hence the lack of blog updates.) I wanted to share some photos of my works in progress with you all.

This is the first one I made.

This paisley was a huge pain to do but I think the way it came out made all the trouble worth it.
This one I hand painted.

Exteriors just need a few finishing touches and then I move on to the interiors. Hopefully these will be ready to list early next week or this weekend.

Happy hump day everyone!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Treasury Thursday

It's Thursday again and this week the treasuries are a hoppin place to be on etsy.
To celebrate my oldest sons August birthday I created a treasury in his honor. Leo Lovers Anonymous is a treasury filled with all things lion related. There are a lot of really great items, from the very adorable to the very sophisticated I'm sure you'll find something for the Leo in your life too.
I made another treasury yesterday I was in a mysterious mood and found some great items to put into a collection to go along with my mood. It's A Mystery is a real whodunnit of a treasury featuring many unique and whimsical items that you can't help but love.

superMOLLYcapes who makes adorable childrens capes for your little superhero included my Asymmetrical Rainbow sherbet Set in her treasury of the week: The Thing . Be sure to read her explanation of what the thing really is and see a beautiful collection of items.

As always I post in the etsy forums for people to show me their treasuries I didn't get much of a response this week but the quality of the collections make up for that.

The first is a collection curated by Chapulin who has a wide variety of "Cute and Wonderful things." It is called Some Inspiration for today and it is really inspiring. I love the color combinations.

treasuresofavalon made a real crabby treasury that is absolutely adorable, It's called I'm feeling crabby but this treasury will surely cheer you up.

I am from New Hampshire but I now live in Florida and one of the things I miss the most about home is the lilacs. This beautiful treasury curated by katrinshine gave me the little taste of home that I needed.

Paperulixis made this wonderful treasury titled Whispers of Autumn I love this treasury because it definitely has the look of autumn but it is not all leaves and orange like most people would think of when they think of fall but instead has a rich color palette with little underlying hints of autumn. It is very subtle and elegant.

Onecozynest made their very first treasury and it's very obvious that they did their homework. This Honey and Molasses collection is stunning!

This spooky treasury will send shivers down your spine. mimiMatelot is ready for Halloween!

Back to School time is here, my life has been consumed by it lately. here are two great back to school treasuries that I think you'll enjoy. The first one curated by prendasbyenid is called It's School Time! and it's filled with adorable school supplies and school related items. The next is called Back to School it was curated by Mahoganysage and shown to me by truesights whose lovely fall apples photo was included. Apples and pencils and crayons OH MY!

That is all I have for you this week but I'll be back next week with some more great etsy treasures to share.

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What I did today.

Today was a pretty good day. I didn't get to any creating yet but hope to after this short blog post. I had an idea to create some better packaging for my jewelry so I got to work on it. I'm pretty happy with what I came up with. I had some card stock paper laying around from I don't even know when or what and I have quite a bit of it so I decided to use it as packaging for my jewelry. I made earring and necklace cards to help protect it while it is being stored and for safer shipping.
The first thing I had to do was measure the bags I use and make a template out of the card stock.

I have small bags for earrings and large for everything else so I had to make two different sizes. Then I fitted the templates in the bags to make sure they fit. Then simply traced the template on the card stock and cut on the lines. This would have been a lot faster and easier if I had a paper cutter. To attach the necklaces to the card stock I simply cut slits in it and slipped the chain into it.
Then put it in the bag, and voila! Nice packaging that will help protect the jewelry from tangling while being stored or shipped.For the earring cards I used a hole punch to punch a hole in the card and hung the earrings from the hole, I used a small piece of tape on the back to secure it. I don't recommend using the earring to punch holes in the card as it could bend the ear wires out of shape but something like a safety pin or sewing needle would also work well.

So now I have all of my jewelry stored away safely and when it finds a new home it will have a safer journey there. Plus it looks a lot nicer than just being crumpled up in the bottom of a zipper bag. This project was free for me because I already had the card stock but I imagine it would be relatively inexpensive depending on what kind of paper you choose.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Treasury Thursday is here. Well almost.

I have some appointments tomorrow so wont be able to do my normal treasury Thursday post then so I am giving it to you a day early. Woohoo!

This week I have found some really fantastic treasuries. I am very excited to share them. Fall is fast approaching and the etsy treasuries are reflecting those rich fall colors. But I am not ready for summer to be over just yet. My treasury this week reflects that, It's called Gone Fishin' and it's filled with fishing and fish related summer time goodness.

Okbuyer was kind enough to include my waves of joy bracelet in this all jewelry treasury.

I am also participating in the labratsteam first ever treasury challenge I had a lot of fun making my summer day treasury as part of the challenge. Here is the treasury I came up with it's called A Summer Day.

I think Ellenandelizabeth is on the same page as I am. This treasury is called Ocean Lovin" .

I had to include this treasury in my post this week. An homage to my favorite alcoholic beverage. You'll be searchin for your lost shaker of salt with TheSilverMoon's treasury Margarita Time!

AAlexandra made a treasury using etsy's pounce feature. This is a treasury comprised of shops that have yet to make their first sale. What a creative way to make a treasury AAlexandra.

This Cornflower treasury is definitely front page worthy. It's so soft and refreshing. It was made by Beadwire and shown to me by MahoganySage.

Molly Ringwald would love this pretty in pink treasury brought to my attention by two of the featured sellers, Unatuna and TreacherCreatures. This treasury was curated by Tantancharms.

This very unique treasury was made by forrestinavintage It is military inspired. I really enjoyed this one because I've never seen these types of items on etsy before and I love discovering new things.