Thursday, August 12, 2010

Treasury Thursday

It's Thursday again and this week the treasuries are a hoppin place to be on etsy.
To celebrate my oldest sons August birthday I created a treasury in his honor. Leo Lovers Anonymous is a treasury filled with all things lion related. There are a lot of really great items, from the very adorable to the very sophisticated I'm sure you'll find something for the Leo in your life too.
I made another treasury yesterday I was in a mysterious mood and found some great items to put into a collection to go along with my mood. It's A Mystery is a real whodunnit of a treasury featuring many unique and whimsical items that you can't help but love.

superMOLLYcapes who makes adorable childrens capes for your little superhero included my Asymmetrical Rainbow sherbet Set in her treasury of the week: The Thing . Be sure to read her explanation of what the thing really is and see a beautiful collection of items.

As always I post in the etsy forums for people to show me their treasuries I didn't get much of a response this week but the quality of the collections make up for that.

The first is a collection curated by Chapulin who has a wide variety of "Cute and Wonderful things." It is called Some Inspiration for today and it is really inspiring. I love the color combinations.

treasuresofavalon made a real crabby treasury that is absolutely adorable, It's called I'm feeling crabby but this treasury will surely cheer you up.

I am from New Hampshire but I now live in Florida and one of the things I miss the most about home is the lilacs. This beautiful treasury curated by katrinshine gave me the little taste of home that I needed.

Paperulixis made this wonderful treasury titled Whispers of Autumn I love this treasury because it definitely has the look of autumn but it is not all leaves and orange like most people would think of when they think of fall but instead has a rich color palette with little underlying hints of autumn. It is very subtle and elegant.

Onecozynest made their very first treasury and it's very obvious that they did their homework. This Honey and Molasses collection is stunning!

This spooky treasury will send shivers down your spine. mimiMatelot is ready for Halloween!

Back to School time is here, my life has been consumed by it lately. here are two great back to school treasuries that I think you'll enjoy. The first one curated by prendasbyenid is called It's School Time! and it's filled with adorable school supplies and school related items. The next is called Back to School it was curated by Mahoganysage and shown to me by truesights whose lovely fall apples photo was included. Apples and pencils and crayons OH MY!

That is all I have for you this week but I'll be back next week with some more great etsy treasures to share.

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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