Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is it Thursday again!

This past week just seemed like it flew by. It's treasury Thursday again. I had a lot of fun looking for items to choose for my treasury this week but I found so many items I had to make two.
The first one is called Orange You Glad and the second one is Orange You Glad Part Deux. I love orange can you tell?
I didn't have much time this week to look through the treasury lists this week but I did come across these two BNR treasuries which I am participating in. One is called Shop of the Day it's up to 7 sales already!!! and the other is 3-day 3-star BNR Both are really great treasuries!

The next treasury was curated by kelela4 who specializes in fine art photography, it's called Hot for Pink.
This one by vintagenowandthen is called D A N C E! I absolutely love this treasury you can almost feel the movement.
A Garden of Earthly Delights was made by Peaceableempire a fellow etsy jewelery maker this treasury makes me want to spend some time outside.

This darling treasury by kneatknitcreations makes me wish my boys were small again.

and the final treasury for this week will take you back to the 60's, it's called Flower Power and it was curated by LauraGourmet a very talented fellow etsian.

I hope everyone enjoys these treasuries as much as I have. Until next Thursday, Happy treasure hunting!

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