Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This week...

This week has not been too particularly productive as far as my jewelry business goes. It was pretty productive in other ways though. I painted my kids bathroom all by myself and it's about time.. the dirty handprint, toothpaste smeared walls were becoming a bit on the disgusting side, now it is a pretty light blue color called arctic blue.

I even got the hubby to hang up this cute little shelf.

I also did a super clean in the kids bedrooms. All of their toys are in their respective buckets and I can see the floors again. Good will is gonna love me. The kids were actually pretty okay with getting rid of some old toys I was surprised at how well they did.

I did manage to get one new listing in today. I made this lovely necklace yesterday afternoon. (click on the picture to see the listing)

And I took some new photos of an old favorite. (click on the picture to see the listing.)

Here are some of the old photos. My photography skills are getting better.

these photos aren't too bad really but the new ones are much much brighter.

A Follow up from my Analytics Experiment My Bounce rate is now down to 47% It was at 57% when I started the experiment. It's hard to say what exactly factors into the rate dropping but I find it a little too coincidental that it has been constantly dropping since I made these changes. So that's looking pretty positive for me.

In the etsy forums today I came across this thread discussing mailing lists. Stichntyme was kind enough to show us how she made her mailing list and linked it to her profile section of her shop.
The site is called Mail Chimp and you can use it for free. I set up an account today to sign up for my newsletter click here. You can also fill out the form to the right.

Last Thursday I set up a sign up list on my face book page to advertise on this blog for free. The response to that has been great so far. I really hope that this trend will catch on the way that link love has. Rebecca from soapdeli was the first to take advantage give her some love and check out her shop before her week is up.

That is all for now it's almost time for me to make dinner. I'll be back tomorrow for Treasury Thursday!

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