Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Treasury Thursday!

I really love etsy treasury. The more time I spend making them the more I enjoy doing it. You get to see a lot of different items and explore the many talented shops of etsy.
This week I didn't have much time to do this my boys are doing jr. golf so that eats up my mornings and then the afternoons have been spent doing what I would normally do in the mornings. I did manage to make one treasury It's called These Are a Few of My Favorite Things to make it I went through my favorite shops and chose items from those shops that I thought went well with the other items. This treasury also happens to feature 3 shops whose owners I went to high school with. Can you guess which ones they are?

The curator of the week award goes to ReenRose (disclaimor: there is no curator of the week award) who has shown me three of her lovely treasuries Get Your Game On #1 , Get Your Game On #2, and Bee Yourself . I really enjoyed looking at all of Reenrose's treasuries she has a real knack for putting them together, but Bee yourself was my favorite.

Flower Fairies.. was made by Gardenjewels who not only makes a wonderful fantasy treasury but also makes guessed jewels.

Ashley Devrieze at Stubborndog showed me these two beautiful summery treasuries. Collections and things and a Monday Collection. They are both very lovely.

This treasury curated by ElainaLouiseStudios reminds me of that Stevie Nicks song " bring to me your leather, take from me my lace..." Okay I'm really not that old I just appreciate the classics.

You may need to put on sunglasses for this last treasury I am going to post this week. It's called Pink Lemonade and it was made by pinklimed. I love how vibrant and bright everything is, it's so alive.

I hope everyone enjoys the treasuries I've posted this week. Happy Thursday and as always Happy Treasure hunting!!


Maureen said...

Thank you so much Robynesque for posting my treasuries on your blog and for giving me your curator of the week "award". And thank your for your compliment about my treasuries. I really enjoy putting them together a lot so it's fun to share them with others. Plus there's so many great pieces in them that I want to help promote them! Thanks again!

Lisa said...

Thank you for your comments on my treasury. Leather and Lace was one of the titles I was considering.

Kira said...

Great collection of treasuries!