Friday, October 9, 2009

This week

...Helpful Hint some friendly advice for free photo editing software.

...things I've made.

....I learned... that working with ribbon is more difficult than it appears to be.

As a new Etsian (seller/buyer on etsy) I have been spending a lot of time in the forums this week learning from others, everything from photo taking to featured items can make the difference between making a sale and not.
Next week I plan on:
getting to know some of the free photo editing software mentioned above,
making more jewelry,
experimenting some more with ribbon,
taking moments to breathe and relax and understand my limits.


KeriAnne said...

While working with ribbon might be difficult, the piece turned out beautiful!
Did you know you can make your facebook fan page image fit so it is not cut off? Go into your script for the fan box, and where you see width=, change the number inside the "" to 200 and save. Viola! No more chopped off image!

Robyneque Jewelry Designs said...

Thanks Kerianne I will try that out.

Sabrina said...

Cute! The last one is my favorite :)

Alissa said...

These are all very nice pieces. Good job!