Friday, October 30, 2009

Bad Blogger

So sorry for the lack of updates I have been perpetually busy and distracted for the last couple of weeks, getting ready for Halloween, husband on vacation, went to a party, then husband getting sick, yep he's got the H1N1, washing my hands, making him snacks, changing diapers, making doughnut halloween costume, all of this and everyday life has been a stressful balancing act and I haven't had time to make any jewelry. I did mange to get some new photos done, so now most of my items have new and improved photos. They are still a little on the dark side I need to play around on picassa and see if I can fix that but I'm not sure when I can fit it in. Let's see Halloween tomorrow then I think I'll be free on Sunday, but I think I'd rather make some new pieces than sit on the computer.
This blogging stuff is hard work and I find it difficult to keep up with but I will continue to try.
Happy Halloween!
Found this super cute holiday bracelet on etsy

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